About us

Arros Caldos, is a company specialized in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of food products, related to olives with extensive experience in the sector.

We have modern facilities, with innovative storage and conservation systems, so that the product reaches the consumer with the maximum guarantees.

Our history

Arros Caldos, began its operations in Casas Ibáñez several decades ago with the family business ACEITUNAS BLESAEZ, since then we have established the pillars of our philosophy: quality and innovation at the best price. values have accompanied us from those days to the present.

We will soon expand the facilities, thanks to the acquisition of the central offices and warehouses in Casas Ibáñez and Valencia. In this way, we achieve a notorious position as distributors at a national and international level.

We have never forgotten our humble origins. In fact, we have managed to integrate them to promote a spirit of good coexistence at work and business values, all linked to a permanent commitment to the latest trends.